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High Productivity LED Welding Technology

High Productivity LED Welding Technology

With the increasing cost of China's manufacturing industry, automation and intelligent manufacturing has become the whole of China's manufacturing industry in the capture of the problem.
In the field of LED lighting, with the decline in equipment costs, enterprise recruitment difficulties, the general rise in wages, staff management costs continue to increase, continuously improve the cost of enterprise land, product quality requirements continue to improve and other factors, LED lighting production equipment Automation, intelligent and increasingly strong demand.

Track-type LED light welding technology has many aspects of innovation and advanced nature, greatly enhance the production efficiency, mainly in the following advantages:
1. Track-type LED light welding equipment covers an area of small, simple structure, low prices;
2. Supports over-long LED strip (350mm-1200mm);
3. High degree of automation;
4. High welding quality, rework or maintenance costs greatly reduced;
5. High production efficiency.

With the rapid growth of demand in LED industry,We can provide quick-turn LED PCB prototype,low or mass volume production LED PCB and assembly.We are  assured
you of cost-effective solutions to your marketing objectives. So please contact us freely if you have needs.



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