LED PCB Manufacturer

One Stop LED PCB Manufacturer

One Stop LED PCB Manufacturer

Our company offer:
LED PCB,PCBA,Aluminum LED PCB,CEM 1 LED PCB,FR4 LED PCB,Single sided LED PCB,2 Layer LED PCB,Medical LED PCB and etc.

At RayMing, we are committed to service and quality,using computer aided engineering and efficient production process which results into trouble-free delivery to OEM's.
So pls contact us whithout any hesitation.

Purchase Tips
a. If you want to purchase our PCB, you should provide a formal Gerber files and your detailed requirement.
b. If you want to purchase the PCBA, you should provide the Gerber files & BOM list etc.
c. If you want to reproduce some exsited PCB board for you, please first provide very clear pictures with specific layer and size , then if you are satisfied with our estimate quotation, then send us the real thing, so we can clone it for you.
d. If none of the above can help you, please contact us directly,we are very glad to answer the questions you ask, your satisfaction is our final destination.


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